Simplifying your SAP Support

by Jodi Abrams

A common frustration among SAP support teams is not getting clear information on bugs or issues experienced by their users. Here is a quick solution we implemented for one of our customers that has really simplified that process for them.

They were hearing frustration among their users about small bugs and issues they were running into, yet these weren’t bubbling up into helpdesk tickets to be solved. When they dug a little deeper to figure out why, it came down to the users not taking the time to write up a ticket, not knowing how to take a screenshot and attach it, and not knowing what information to include (like knowing what transaction they were in for example if they used a shortcut). This was particularly prevalent among warehouse and shop floor users.

The solution was to add a “Contact your SAP Team” menu in SAP.

New Help Menu in SAP For Support

After experiencing an issue, and navigating to this menu a few things will happen:

• An e-mail will be created to the SAP support team
• A screenshot will be taken and attached to the e-mail
• Necessary system information and logs will be automatically added to the e-mail

Sample E-mail for Support

Now the user just adds a few details about what they were experiencing and sends it off to their SAP support team, or better yet, straight to their ticketing system to have a ticket created.

With remote working becoming more common, simply pulling someone over to your computer to check out your problem isn’t as easy as it used to be. With this solution, you are making it quick for your users to report a problem and easier on your support team to solve the problem (because they have all of the information they need). This leads to less frustration in your user base, a smoother system and happier, more productive staff!

About the author: Jodi Abrams

Jodi is an expert in SAP and eCommerce integration, and is Vice President of Applications for CONTAX.