Hansaloy: Manufacturing Excellence using SAP® HANA

by Michael Pearson

Hansaloy Corporation, a US Midwest company, manufactures bread blades, lattice, blade guides, honing equipment for bread slicers. They achieved manufacturing excellence with CONTAX and SAP HANA.


  • Track Heat Lots from Vendors
  • Eliminate numerous disparate systems
  • Update Infrastructure and Eliminate Legacy Green screen system
  • Need MRP to help manage ever growing number of materials


  • Implementation Partner locally located and experienced in Manufacturing
  • High-speed performance of running on the SAP HANA® platform
  • Full Integration of Vendor Heat Lot throughout Supply Chain with full
  • Recall functionality
  • Remarkably affordable


  • Leverage Reorder points and MRP to eliminate manual Purchasing processes
  • Eliminated risk of running archaic systems to manage the business Payroll solution designed in SAP with additional Labor Efficiency and other ad-hoc reporting
  • Adherence to SAP Manufacturing Best Practices

Future plans

  • Implement RF Technology to be more efficient in Production
  • Analyze our Freight Spend through better reporting
  • Quality Implementation to catch issues with product before shipping

“We had record Sales in the first full month on SAP in company history.” - Kim Brenner, President of Hansaloy Corporation.

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About the author: Michael Pearson

Michael is President of CONTAX and claims to be one of the few people in the western world who understands SAP licensing.